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Respiratory Therapy

ECMC's Respiratory Therapy staff are here to assist with the diagnosis and treatment of people who have infections or diseases associated with the lungs and breathing.

Some common treatments/testing include oxygen delivery, aerosolized delivery of medication, deep breathing exercises and/or chest physiotherapy; and arterial blood gases, which measure acid/base balance, carbon dioxide and oxygen content in the blood.

Patient education and teaching are also important aspects of respiratory care.

EKG - Electrocardiogram

EKG's measure the electrical activity of the heart. This test enables the physician to diagnose abnormal cardiac rhythms and myocardial damage.

Treadmill/Stress Testing

Treadmills measure a patient's functional capacity for work or sport; provide a diagnostic basis for ischemic heart disease; and assess the efficiency of surgical and medical management of heart disease.

Holter Monitor

Monitors, records and analyzes each heartbeat for up to 24 hours of daily activity. It enables the physician to diagnose cardiac abnormalities.

Pulmonary Function Testing

Pulmonary function tests are ordered to evaluate the condition of the lungs and diagnose lung disease.


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