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Ellsworth County Health Care Foundation

Our Purpose

The not for profit, Ellsworth County Health Care Foundation is dedicated to the continuance of quality health care in the Ellsworth County Area. In support of this commitment the Foundation strives for the advancement of health care; health promotion; health and medical education; research and welfare services. The Foundation uses income and gifts of money or other property as may be given for the financial aid and assistance of the Ellsworth County Medical Center and other health care causes and institutions.

Our Giving

Since its creation in 1994, the Ellsworth County Healthcare Foundation has provided thousands of dollars in charitable gifts and support to healthcare related projects, services, or establishments in the Ellsworth County area.
From securing exercise equipment to building additions to parks and school playgrounds, providing healthy snacks to after school programs and creating critical infrastructure pieces for the Ellsworth County Medical Center, the Foundation's gifts are and will continue to faithfully support our county.

Gifts to the Foundation can be made in a variety of ways; here are a few ways to consider:

Unrestricted or restricted cash donation.
Contribution toward a special Foundation project.
Donation of securities, land, buildings or personal property, existing or new life insurance policies.
Creation of a charitable gift annuity.
Charitable remainder trust.
Memorial or remembrance gifts
Third Party Fundraiser

For additional information about our foundation, please contact Kayla Timms at 785-810-1103 or