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Patient Rights and Responsibilities

At ECMC, the patient, family members, or a patient representative have the right to expect their confidentiality respected according to our HIPAA 1996 Act guidelines.

A copy of the Ellsworth County Medical Center's Notice of Privacy Practices will be made available to the patient. As a patient, you have access to information available in your medical records.

Rights Brochure

The following are ECMC Patient Rights:

Have equal decision making practices regarding their care.
Discuss their care with their doctor and health care providers in terms which are easy to understand.
Receive respectful and conscience care regardless of race, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, disability, religious or educational background, or ability to pay their bill.
Be informed of individual rights prior to treatment or discontinuing care whenever possible.
Feel safe and secure in the Ellsworth County Medical Center.
Be fully informed of the right to refuse consent or treatment after being informed of the benefits or risks, and the alternatives to treatment which the law allows.
Be informed of continuing health care needs following their discharge from ECMC and any after care arrangements.
Be informed of any financial responsibilities and may bring their concerns to the Business Administration Officer.
Be actively involved in advanced care or treatment and fully participate in decision making.
Know the professional status of any person administering care and any reasons for a change in the staff who are administering care.
Have their physician notified of their admission.
Give informed consent for organ donation.