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Ellsworth County Medical Center Installs New CT Machine

To make CT exams as fast, safe and accurate as possible for patients, Ellsworth County Medical Center (ECMC) has recently installed the AquilionTM PRIME CT system. The new system provides faster exams at as low as reasonably achievable doses, while producing high-quality images required for accurate diagnoses.

"The speed of the Aquilion PRIME enables our clinicians to obtain critical patient information for enhanced diagnoses faster than before," explained Randy Packard, Director

of Radiology Services. "The design of the system allows us to successfully image a range of patients, from pediatric to bariatric, to further improve patient safety and comfort in our community."

Other special features that patients will appreciate include the visually presented countdown and instructions for adults and entertaining animated graphics for children receiving a CT exam. The lateral slide feature for positioning patients is literally a back saver for ECMC technical staff.