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Local Emergency Planning Committee:

The local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) meets on the fourth Thursday of each month January through October at 7:00 pm in the lower level of the county courthouse (210 N. Kansas Street, Ellsworth, Kansas). The Emergency Manager for Ellsworth County is Mr. Keith Haberer KCEM (Office Phone: 785-483-5100). The LEPC encourages all local citizens to not only to prepare their families for a disaster, but also to be ready to assist the community through becoming a trained community volunteer. CERT, Community Emergency Response Team training is offered through the LEPC. Also, citizens are encouraged to sign-up with the Kansas System for the Early Registration of Volunteers (K-SERV). To register, please visit: or call, 785-296-5201 for the K-SERV Project Manager.

Emergency Support Function #8 Meetings:

The nationally identified Emergency Support Function #8 (ESF#8) meetings are held in conjunction with the Local Emergency Planning Committee meetings. These dinner meetings are held twice a year on the fourth Thursday of January and August at 6:00 pm in the ECMC Administration Building Conference Room, 1706 Aylward Ave. For reservations to attend these meetings or for more information, please contact the Ellsworth Health Department, 785-472-4488. Reservations are requested one week prior to the meeting.

ECMC Wellness Center

ECMC physical therapists work with clients to promote independent exercise or will provide assistance to setup a personal exercise program. Click here for more info on the Wellness Center.
Wellness Center currently closed due to COVID19 pandemic