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Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehab

Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a supervised exercise program that benefits persons who have had a heart attack, stint placement, heart surgery, or other cardiac problems. It is a time to strengthen your heart and improve your health with the encouragement of our skilled, concerned staff that will help you reach your goal of being heart healthy.

ECMC's Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation is located in the Rural Health Clinic & Rehab Services facility at 1602 Aylward. Please park in the parking area to the south of the building and enter through the Wellness Center door.

Each participant is given a specific time to come. Please plan on arriving no more than 5-10 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Please notify our staff if you are unable to attend your session.

You can reach the Cardiac & Pulomnary Rehab Department by calling 785-472-5028 ext. 324.

What is Cardiac Rehab?

Each exercise routine is designed for the individual. Your cardiologist or primary care physician orders specific guidelines for monitoring your exercise. Once an order is received, an appointment can be scheduled with the Cardiac Rehab Department. Our professional staff will supervise and monitor you during your training and throughout the rehabilitation period according to your specific needs.

Monitored participants are cared for by a Registered Nurse certified in American Heart Association Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Non-monitored participants may be supervised by other trained staff.

In addition to your exercise program, you will be provided information on lifestyle modifications including, but not limited to: smoking cessation, exercise, medications, stress management, dietary planning and living with coronary artery disease. Individual counseling is provided to each participant.

Cardiac Rehabilitation is performed in three phases.
Phase I:
Phase I takes place in the hospital during the acute stage of illness, where your cardiologist is located. Our nurses are sensitive about the inconveniences that health problems and hospitalization can cause. They will provide support and encouragement during your stay and help you to deal with any tests or procedures you might have done, and/or to recover from any surgery you may have had. Their instructions set the groundwork for improving cardiac function in Phase II.

Phase II:
Phase II of Cardiac Rehabilitation takes place during the initial home care period. Participants in Phase II are monitored closely on an individual basis by a staff member. Blood pressure and EKG (Electrocardiogram) monitoring are observed. Glucose monitoring is performed if needed and individualized support and instruction is given to each person, according to their needs.
Most Phase II Cardiac Rehab activities are covered by insurance. The Cardiac Rehab staff will verify insurance coverage and plan your care with the help of your doctor. These phase typically is three days per week and lasts from six to 12 weeks. (Please check on scheduled times for this service.)

Phase III:
Centered around wellness, Phase III is a time of independence and taking responsibility in your own monitoring of exercise. This can be carried out at home, at a health facility of your choice or in the ECMC Cardiac Rehab program.

There will be a nurse attendant at that time to monitor your vital signs and assist with the equipment.

Please check on scheduled times for this service.
The rate is $30 a month or $15 for 1/2 month.

For more information or to use ECMC's Cardiac Rehab for your Phase III program, please call Ellsworth County Medical Center at 785-472-5028 ext 324.