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Union Pacific Hospital - 1900

The Union Pacific Railroad construction a hospital in Ellsworth but it was
Designated for railroad workers only

Mother Bickerdyke Home - 1897

Dr. Harry O'Donnell and Dr. H.Z. Hissem
Established a hospital in Ellsworth, few
Hospitals existed between Kansas City and Denver. The hospital was located in the barracks. An operating room consisted of only a bare table.

Ellsworth Hospital - 1921

The Ellsworth hospital was built at a
Cost of $100,000. The facility had 35 beds, 4 wards, 2 operating rooms, and an
Elevator serving all floors.

Ellsworth Hospital - 1921

(aerial view)

Ellsworth Hospital - 1964

A second addition was constructed making it a 79 bed facility at a cost of

Ellsworth County Hospital - 1998