We received information today regarding a phone scam where the caller is saying he is from a Visa billing company representing Ellsworth County Medical Center and is asking the patient to pay their ECMC bill over the phone. If you receive such a call, do NOT pay anything to the caller and report the scam to the police. Questions about ECMC bills can be answered by calling, 785-472-3111.

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    E-mail: bvallier@ewmed.com

    Direct Line: 785-472-5028

    Human Resources - ext. 305
    Medical Nutrition Therapy - ext. 372
    Cardiac Rehabilitation - ext. 555
    Dietary Services - ext. 367
    Financial Counselor - ext. 391
    Laboratory Services - ext. 360
    Health Information Management - ext. 526
    Nursing Services - ext. 301
    Physical Therapy - ext. 324
    Radiology - ext. 319
    Respiratory Therapy - ext. 364


    Rural Health Clinics: 785-810-1177

    Ellsworth: 785-810-1177
    Holyrood: 785-252-3565
    Lucas: 785-525-7788
    Wilson: 785-658-3688

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    M-F : 7:30am-5:30pm