Telemedicine Services

    Ellsworth County Medical Center
    1604 Aylward Ave

    Geary Community Hospital
    1102 St Marys Road
    Junction City

    Telemedicine Brochure
    Outpatient Clinic Schedule

    Specialists at Ellsworth County Medical Center

    Dermatology Telemed Clinic with Dr. Russell Kelley: by ECMC physician referral only, 785-810-1177.

    Diagnostic Radiology Telemed Clinic with Dr. Thomas Fahrbach: by physician referral only; KUMC-913-588-1227

    Endocrinology Clinic (Live & Telemed) with Dr. Jeremy Kempke: call 620-669-2500 for an appointment time

    Gastroenterology Clinic with Dr. Paul Johnson call your personal physician for a referral (ECMC providers - 785-810-1177).

    Oncology / Hematology Telemed Clinic with Dr. Jeffrey Geitz; call: 785-452-4860 for appointment time.

    Pediatric Psychology Telemed Clinic with Dr. Eve-Lynn Nelson: call KUMC for appointment 913-588-6301.

    Pulmonology Telemed Clinic with Dr. Robert Sourk; for appointment time call 1-316-669-2775.

    Pain / Spine Specialty Telemed Clinic with Dr. Christopher Kain; for appointment time call 620-669-2500.

    Veridian Behavioral Health Telemed Clinic with Dr. Alicia Coulson; for appointment time call 785-452-4930.