Outpatient Services

    Ellsworth County Medical Center provides a wide range of outpatient services, from injections to the availability of seeing a specialty provider in ECMC's outpatient area. There are many outpatient services available for the convenience of the patients.

    Outpatient IV Therapy
    Injection Services
    Cardiac Monitoring/Mobile Telemetry
    Wound Care Therapy

    Specialty Clinics Available through ECMC Outpatient Services

    ECMC also hosts a variety of different specialty clinics in our Outpatient Services Area. These services allow patients in Ellsworth and surrounding areas to see specialists without a long drive for their appointments. Appointments can be made through each specific provider's office. Some of the specialty areas available are Cardiology, Nephrology, Podiatry, OB/GYN, Endoscopy, Audiology, and Orthopedic services.

    Click here for more information about specialty clinics available through ECMC's Outpatient Services.

    June - Outpatient Clinic Calendar